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Grief: The Journey of Healing

  • September 09, 2014
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Mercy Oaks

Lynn E. Fritz, LMFT

       Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, MFC #45877

1452 Oregon Street * Redding, CA 96001

530 243-8862

Email:  lynnprod@sbcglobal.net* www.lynnfritz.com


Press Release

Grief: The Journey of Healing

All of us are touched at some time in life by death and significant loss.  Navigating the course through grief and learning to live again without our beloved other or the change that has occurred in life can be daunting and overwhelming.  The journey of healing leads us into the dark hallways of denial, bargaining, anger, depression and finally at acceptance and rebuilding our life where we learn to come to terms living without our sacred other, whether it be a parent, sibling, spouse or friend, or the condition we held scared. 

Grief can be overwhelming.  We experience loss on a regular basis.  Often we overlook its impact and rare are the appropriate public places to share and process such losses.  Losses may include: loss of mobility, health, job, relationship, pet, home, emotional stability, a way of life, death and others.  “Grief: The Journey of Healing” is an evening of remembering our beloved other, reflecting upon the life shared, coping with significant loss through death or other circumstances and the healing process while allowing ourselves the space and support to express our grief and loss through contemplation, reflection, music, silence and ritual. 

Not all loss is the passing of someone in death.  Loss occurs when a relationship ends, when health is compromised, mobility is lost, career changes occur, we lose a house due to economics, any place where significant change occurs.

Mercy Hospice and Lynn E. Fritz, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, are collaborating to offer this evening for all those grieving a loss.  Join Lynn E. Fritz, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Mercy Hospice Volunteers, and guest presenter, Sue MillerBorn, on Tuesday, September 9, 2014 at 7-8:30 PM.  The evening will be in the beautiful outdoor setting of Mercy Oaks, 100 Mercy Oaks Drive, Redding, with Native American flute music provided by Patricia L. Bay, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, PsyD and percussion provided by Rich Bay.  The event is co-sponsored by the Center for Spiritual Living, Redding Regional Chapter-California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists, One Safe Place and Shasta County District Attorney’s Crime Victim’s Assistance Center.  Refreshments following the presentation will be provided by Mercy Hospice.

Those in attendance are invited to bring a picture of their loved one(s) or a symbol representing the individual(s) and the loss they have experienced for a display table at the event. The item will be returned at the end of the evening. The evening is free, open to the public of all ages and no advanced reservations are required.  Attendees are encouraged to arrive early. For more information, please call Lynn Fritz at 243-8862 or Mercy Hospice at 245-4070.  Event flyers and information are available at www.lynnfritz.com.

Media Contact:  Lynn Fritz at 530 243-8862



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